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Image result for synopsis searchingThe film opens with a photograph/video montage demonstrating the life of a Korean-American family known as the Kims – David Kim (John Cho), his significant other Pam (Sara Sohn), and their young little girl Margot. Margot took up an enthusiasm for piano exercises since early on. Pam was later determined to have lymphoma that went into abatement, yet she later encountered a backslide. David and Margot remained close by until the point when she passed away in 2015.

In the present, David rebukes Margot (now played by Michelle La as an adolescent) for not taking out the junk. She says she will do it when she gets once more from an examination amass session. David at that point converses with his sibling Peter Kim (Joseph Lee), who is attempting to make a gumbo formula that Pam used to make. David sends him an image of the formula and afterward sets aside the opportunity to watch a video of Pam demonstrating to a youthful Margot generally accepted methods to make the gumbo..

David messages Margot again for not taking out the rubbish. Hours after the fact, regardless he hasn’t gotten notification from her. After work, he endeavors to contact Margot, however she never answers her telephone. He supposes she may be at a piano exercise, so he calls the piano teacher, just to find that Margot dropped her exercises a half year sooner, which implies that she has been taking the $100 notes that he has abandoned her for herself. David begins to stress.

David looks into the quantities of Margot’s colleagues from Pam’s old contacts list. He calls the home of Margot’s cherished companion Isaac (Connor McRaith), and he addresses Isaac’s mom, who reveals to David that Isaac and his companions went on an excursion to the mountains, so she trusts that Margot could be with them. David figures out how to connect with Isaac, who reveals to him that Margot isn’t with them and that he had welcomed her, yet she declined.

David calls the police and he addresses the famous Detective Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing), who is alloted to the case. She advises David to connect with any individual who may have been near Margot or know where she was most recently seen. David experiences Margot’s workstation and finds that every last bit of her online networking accounts are private. He sign into her Facebook profile utilizing Pam’s old email address, and he starts to connect with Margot’s cohorts. A large portion of them have plausible excuses from the night that Margot disappeared, and others say that Margot was generally calm and inaccessible. David accumulates an outline to monitor who he has addressed with the goal that he can indicate Vick.

Vick later shows David activity cam film demonstrating Margot leaving a corner store and taking off of town. She likewise sends him a phony ID that Margot seems to have utilized under the name Jen Yeun. This, combined with the way that David discovered Margot’s Venmo exchanges having taken out $2,500, drives Vick to recommend that Margot fled.

Becoming tired and progressively anxious, David at that point goes over the site YouCast where Margot left live-spilling recordings. He experiences the spared recordings to see that Margot would converse with somebody named Hannah, whose username was “fish_n_chips”. Hannah likewise had a debilitated mother and would relate with Margot. David at that point sees one of the recordings is of Margot at a lake, which coordinates an image she presented on her Tumblr account. It’s Lake Barbosa, where Margot jumped at the chance to go to unwind. David finds the bearings from the spot where Margot was most recently seen, and he takes off.

David calls Vick amidst the night once he gets to the lake. He finds a Pokeball key tie that had a place with Margot, affirming that Margot was there and that she didn’t flee. Toward the beginning of the day, experts angle Margot’s auto out of the lake. An envelope with $2500 is there, yet Margot isn’t in the front or the storage compartment. A touch of blood is spotted on the dashboard.

News of Margot’s vanishing spreads, prompting a look party scouring the forested areas for her. It turns into a drifting theme, with a few people sharing affection and seek after Margot to return, while others deride the circumstance and blame David for being engaged with her vanishing. One of Margot’s classmates, Derek Ellis (Reed Buck), who is (for absence of a superior term) a douche, jokes that Margot is with him and that he’s her pimp. David discovers he’s at the close-by motion picture theater in the wake of monitoring Facebook, and he goes to go up against him, prompting David beating Derek down and breaking his jaw, which supporters record on their telephones. Vick advises David to remain no longer working on this issue along these lines.

David glances through the photographs of the site of where Margot’s auto was found. After looking into it further, he sees a hockey hoodie in the front seat of the auto that he perceives as having a place with Peter. David glances through Margot’s messages among her and Peter, which suggest that they have been accomplishing something that Peter knows David would slaughter him for.

David visits Peter and sets up cameras in his home to attempt and get an admission out of him. David asks Peter when he last observed Margot, and he seems to avoid the inquiry. David at that point assaults Peter until the point when he comes clean, and Peter concedes that he and Margot were smoking weed. She had gotten him at one point and needed to attempt it, so they kept it a mystery from David. Dwindle brings up that he was the special case who tuned in to her when she discussed her mom’s going, since David had abstained from conversing with her about it. David at that point gets a telephone call from Vick, yet he misses it and just hears her phone message. Vick reveals to him that they got a suspect, and David separates crying as he tunes in to the voice message.

The news reports that an ex-convict, Randy Cartoff (Ric Sarabia), has evidently admitted to executing Margot before submitting suicide. A video of his admission is appeared, in which he mournfully apologizes for what he professes to have done to her. David is sent commemorations and sympathies for the news.

David gets an email from a commemoration benefit requesting recordings and pictures of Margot that he might want to share for her up and coming remembrance. Subsequent to picking every one of the records that he needs so share, he sees an image on the administration’s site that looks natural. It seems, by all accounts, to be Hannah, AKA fish_n_chips. He looks through her picture on Google and notification that the young lady in the image is some sort of list demonstrate. David considers the organization that Hannah works for, and he addresses her, yet she has no clue who Margot is or what YouCast is.

David attempts to call Vick to explore assist since this doesn’t make any sense for him. He rather addresses a lady from the police headquarters that reveals to him that Vick isn’t there, and she neglects it that Vick volunteered for the case as opposed to being doled out as he had been persuaded. David completes somewhat more researching and sees an article of Vick with development specialists, and one of them is Randy. With this data, David conveys a gathering of cops to Margot’s dedication, and Vick is captured.

Seven days after Vick’s capture, we see her being cross examined. She admits that all that she did was a direct result of a slip-up that her child Robert (Steven Michael Eich) had made. Things being what they are, Robert had been enamored with Margot for quite a long time, and he feline angled her as fish_n_chips, utilizing Hannah’s image as his own and concocting this phony persona and backstory for a considerable length of time. Margot had taken out the $2,500 to help with what she accepted was his wiped out mother’s doctor’s facility bills. At the point when Robert discovered her smoking weed at the lake, he terrified her and she ran. Robert pursued her, and she began hitting him in self-preservation, and he responded by pushing her down the gorge. Robert called Vick froze, and she let him know not to do anything. She made up everything to distract David, including making a phony ID for Margot, making it resemble her body was mysteriously gone, and notwithstanding setting Randy up to make a false admission and having him murdered. Vick at that point calls attention to that there is a probability that Margot survived in light of the fact that there was a tempest two days after she disappeared, so she would not have been completely got dried out. Robert is likewise arrested following this admission.

A protect group goes down to the gorge where Margot fell. From a live news chopper, we see the rescuers raising a body bushel with Margot inside. David heads toward check whether Margot is alright…

It’s currently months after the fact. We see a message trade, trailed by an image of David with Margot in a wheelchair at the healing facility, affirming that she is without a doubt alive. She is pausing and invigorating to see whether she got into a music studio that she had connected to. David messages her revealing to her that he is pleased with her, and that her mother would be as well.

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